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Chapter Six

Word Count: 2,965

“Oh, I hate that man,” Syndra-Kai whispered as she and Malik-Tor followed a servant down the corridor leading to her chambers.

“Who is he?” Malik-Tor asked.

“He is my father’s Chief Advisor. He is a pompous ass though, and I hope I can be rid of him soon.”

Malik-Tor laughed at Syndra-Kai’s language. “I did not think Princesses knew such words.”

“Have you seen the size of our library? You would be amazed at what you can find in books,” she said.

“I think you might be surprised at what might amaze me, Princess. However, I would have thought the palace library to be filled with dusty old volumes of history, government, and the like.”

“Oh, well, there are plenty of those as well, but any books that are made in Lunatia must have a copy sent to the palace. There is also a large collection from other countries as well. Your books are there.”

“My books? Surely you have not read all of them,” Malik-Tor said.

Syndra-Kai laughed. “Yes, every word. Even the dirty parts.”

Malik-Tor had the good grace to blush. Some passages in his books detailed sexual practices as they differed in other countries. “I was merely an outside observer, Princess. I felt it my duty to report what I saw, wherever I went.”

“Your command of words is commendable, Malik-Tor. Xan-Rul disapproved highly of my reading those parts, though he did comment that they were quite ‘educational’ in certain aspects,” she said.

Leaning close to her, she felt again his breath as it caressed her neck, and she shivered in delight. “If you feel it might be beneficial to your cause, Princess, I would gladly give you a proper ‘education’ this evening.”

Syndra-Kai was without words, her breath having caught somewhere in her chest by the furious pounding of her heart. Again, she was spared his scrutiny by the veil, but its cover would not protect her much longer.

They had arrived at her chamber door, and she stopped, looking up at him as the servant who had led them this far opened it and retreated the way they had come. Malik-Tor pulled her inside and closed it behind them.

He stood in front of her and reached for the lower edge of the veil. Finding it, he lifted it away from her face and over her head, removing it completely. The soft waves of her hair floated around her face, and her violet eyes impaled him with twin spears of desire. Her cheeks held a rosy flush, and her lips parted sweetly. He lifted a hand to stroke her cheek.

“You are so beautiful, Syndra-Kai.” He cupped her face between his hands and drew her to him, bending low to capture her lips with his. She offered no resistance as his tongue darted insider her mouth and then traced the line of her lips. She moved her own in a natural response, and lifted her arms to entwine her fingers in his rich black hair.

Without breaking the kiss, Malik moved his hands down the lithe curves of her body, settling around her hips, and lifting her. Her legs unconsciously wound around his waist. Their kiss deepened, tongues diving in and out of each other’s mouths and exploring each thoroughly.

At last, Malik pulled away. Syndra’s eyes were closed dreamily, and she opened them slowly. Passion lay banked in their depths, ready to rouse into a raging inferno at his slightest encouragement.

“I would see all of you, Princess,” he whispered huskily. She looked at him confusedly. He moved to sit on the edge of the bed, taking her with him. “All of this,” he lifted layer upon layer of obscuring fabric that lay between them. “I want to see the beauty of the rest of your body.”

Syndra-Kai’s eyes flew open as she realized what he was asking. She had never been completely bare before anyone other than the maids who bathed her. She pulled away from Malik-Tor and stood nervously in front of him. Her violet eyes gazed at him, taking him in.

He lay sprawled casually upon her bed, his doublet having somehow come unbuttoned, and his tanned chest lay bare to her eyes. It was free of hair, aside from a small, dark trail that dipped down into his waistband. The muscles of his chest and stomach were clearly defined, rippling like those of a cat when he moved, and she longed to stroke the smooth skin there. His golden eyes also gleamed like those of a cat’s, taking her in from head to toe. Her hair was coming down from its pile, and her chest heaved beneath her concealing clothes. She was the picture of dishevelment.

Sensing her nervousness, Malik-Tor grew serious. “Syndra, look at me. If you are unsure, I understand. You do not have to do this if you do not wish.”

“I wish this more than anything else in the world at this moment,” she objected.
Glancing down, a blush suffused her face. “I just do not know what to do. I want to please you.”

He reached out a hand and put a finger beneath her chin, raising it so her eyes could meet his. “You please me, Princess.” He reached for the layers of her costume, unsure where to begin. “I assure you, you know more about ridding yourself of these ridiculous garments than I do. How does this thing come off?”

Syndra laughed, comforted by his ability to easily joke at a time like this. She turned and presented her back. He could see the laces that held her outfit together as they traced down her back beneath the floating layers. He undid the knot at the top, and pulled the laces free of their loops. The fabric parted beneath his fingers, and the smooth, golden skin of her back was revealed to him.

She clutched the front of her clothes as his hand separated the cloth and his hand began to stroke the skin he bared. He slipped one hand inside and followed the curve of her shoulder blade until the cloth slid off her shoulder. He set his lips there, warm in comparison to the cool air of the room. She shivered again.

“Are you cold?”

“No, your touch stirs me, Malik-Tor,” she whispered, turning to him. Their lips met in another soft kiss, and Malik pulled away again.

“Show me,” he demanded, his tone roughened by the desire he was holding in restraint.

Syndra-Kai gathered her courage again. She could plainly see the desire in Malik’s eyes, stirred even more by the sight of her bare skin, and she grew emboldened. She let the top half of her outfit fall from her hands, and heard Malik’s sharp intake of breath.

Her breasts lay bare before him, small precious curves. They were adorned by nipples that were a dark rose in hue, stiffened and erect by the cool breeze and Syndra’s own excitement. She reached to cover them, and he stopped her, holding her hands by her side. He lowered his head and took her left nipple into his mouth, suckling gently. She gasped and arched her back, leaning into his embrace.

Letting go of her hands, Malik stroked her hips, and Syndra brought her hands up to clasp his head to her. He shifted his attentions to her right nipple and she groaned in pleasure. A warm tingling bloomed between her legs and she pushed against him harder.

Malik held himself in control, releasing her nipple and setting her away from him again. To his eyes, it appeared as though her breasts had swelled in response to his touch, becoming no longer the gentle blossoms of a young girl and shifting into the ripe curves of a woman. He was fascinated.

There might have been something to this Initiation after all, he thought to himself. She was indeed becoming a woman, before his eyes, and all because of his touch. It was a heady power that made his head swim. He knew that something special was happening tonight. Many men married virgins, yet he had never heard of this particular feeling before. He had reserved his own pleasures for women well versed in the art of seduction, but this sweet girl in front of him had roused him beyond anything he had ever experienced before.

Syndra-Kai’s eyes were glazed with passion, and her hands unconsciously stroked her breasts where his mouth had been moments before. She passed her tongue over her lips and stared at his mouth, pondering how she might best capture it again.
Malik took her hands in his and placed them on her hips, pushing the rest of her outfit downwards. Taking his cue, she loosened the ties further in the back to allow room to slip over the curve of her hips. Suddenly, the yards of fabric were pooled at her feet, and Malik got his first sight of her in all her glory. He was certain he had never seen anything so magnificent in all of his life.

Her hips flared out generously, tapering into legs that were slender and shapely, yet strong. A triangle of dark hair lay at the apex of her thighs, stark against the milky goldenness of her skin. As the firelight lit her skin with a warm glow, he noticed she had been stripped of any other body hair, leaving the skin smooth to the touch.

“You have skin like heavy cream when the sun strikes it in the morning,” he said. “So soft, golden. Do you taste the same?” he put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer. She was so tiny in his grasp, he felt like he might break her. She was not in the mood for gentleness now though.

Leaning forward, she put her hands on his chest and pushed the leather doublet from his shoulders. He gave a shrug and tossed the garment to the floor. Her lips grazed his skin as his own had done hers, finding the pulse that beat furiously in his neck. He felt sharp teeth nip at him, followed by her velvet tongue as it traced its way downward.

He leaned back into the softness of the bed as she lathed his nipples as he had done her, and moved her hands up and down his ribs. Growing bolder, she climbed onto the bed and sat astride him.

“Do I still please you, Malik-Tor?” Syndra-Kai whispered against his lips, her nipples grazing his chest.

“More and more with each moment, my star,” he replied. He pushed her back and settled his hands on her hips. “Lift your hair away from your neck for me.”

She did as he asked, arching her back, breasts thrust forward, eyes closed as she stretched her arms heavenward, letting her hair fall down around her. She pushed it back from her neck, and as she did so, he slipped a finger between her legs, finding her sweet wetness. She jerked in shock as his finger found its way inside her tender warmth. He felt her body shudder and the muscles inside her contract tightly around his finger. He kept it still for a moment.

“This is where the rest of me shall be in a moment. You are still sure?” He whispered.

In response, she ground her hips against his hand, and he felt a fresh rush of excitement take her over and engulf his hand. “Please,” she begged.

He slid his finger out of her slowly, dragging it forward and finding the tender nub of her womanhood. As he circled that sensitive bud, she tossed her head back and opened her eyes. She pierced him with her violet gaze and he needed no further urging.

Turning Syndra-Kai so she knelt before him on the bed, he stood and reached for the laces of his own pants, and her hands joined his. Freeing them at last, he lifted his hips to pull them down, and his throbbing manhood finally thrust free. He kicked his legs free floor as Syndra-Kai looked at him.

“Are you sure it will fit? You are so large, I did not know…”

“There is only one way to find out, Princess, but I think it will be fine. I must warn you though, since it is your first time, it is likely you will have some pain. There is a barrier shielding you from me, and to become a woman in truth, we must break it. I will do my best to make it easier for you, and the pain will not last long.”

Syndra-Kai swallowed. She had heard of this. Nevertheless, she desired him so badly at this moment, she felt if she did not have him inside of her, she might be consumed completely.

“May I… may I touch you?”

His answer was to take her hand and place it on him, a groan escaping as she touched him. She marveled at the contrasts between their bodies. He was so hard, and she was so soft. She moved her hand to stroke the length of his manhood, and it leapt in response. She gave a soft laugh, and he smiled as he watched her. She dipped her head and kissed the tip of it. He jerked.

“Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you?” Malik had moved so violently and suddenly, she was concerned.

“Oh, stars, no. I just was not expecting such boldness. That feels incredible to a man. It was like when I touched you here,” he said, tapping the tender bud he had stroked earlier. She throbbed in answer.

Delighted that she had found a way she could make him feel as he had made her, she kissed him again. He closed his eyes and arched his hips up to her. She was a little intimidated by the size of it, but she placed her mouth on the head of it, circling it with her tongue.

He groaned, pressing forward with his hips again. Syndra-Kai felt supreme power over him at that moment. She stroked her tongue along the underside of his shaft, and Malik’s eyes flew open. “Princess, if you keep that up, we won’t get to finish the rest of it.”

She leaned over him, touching him softly with her fingers. She followed the line of him down, threading her fingers though the hair at the base, and cupped the pouch that held the most vital of manly organs. He jerked stiffly.

“Well, Princess, you have found that which custom demands you take from me when we part tonight. You will fulfill your bargain?”

She released him and lay back on the bed. She pulled his hips toward her, the length of him pressing against her soft wetness. He could feel the moisture there rubbing against him, readying him for his invasion. She was more than ready to receive him.

“I do not go back on my promises, Malik-Tor. You will leave here intact tonight, I swear it.”

With that promise still on her lips, Malik thrust forward, penetrating her fully. She felt a sharp pain that shot through her entire body, and she arched in response, crying out. He held her still, until he felt the muscles inside her relax, and begin to mold to his shape.

Her eyes met his as they discovered this new feeling together. She moved her hips experimentally, and finding no pain, she thrust against him. He lifted her hips, nearly pulling out of her completely, and thrust again into her. She gasped. “Oh, Malik, I didn’t know…”

“Shhh, my star, let me bring you all the way.” He rolled her over, plunging into her again as he moved. Now that she lay beneath him, he saw his vision of earlier come true. Her face was suffused with all the passion he had sensed in her, and her violet eyes blazed at him.

He pulled back again, only the very tip of him still within her, and leaned back so there was room to insert a hand to touch her most sensitive point. He felt her contract around him as he stroked, and her legs splayed wide. He began to thrust in rhythm with the movement of her fingers, and her hips moved in time with his.

She tossed her head from side to side, as she climbed that peak of awareness, Malik guiding her way. Each thrust penetrated her core deeper and deeper until she felt they were no longer separate beings, they had become one. Her skin felt flushed with fever, and she felt a new, strange pressure begin to build within her very womb. It grew and grew, and Malik’s thrusts grew more powerful, until suddenly, her world exploded in a shower of falling stars.

Syndra arched her back and Malik was still for a moment, as her body convulsed around him. As she came to the surface of consciousness once more, she was able to meet his eyes. She focused on his face, and he began to move again. In just a few thrusts, he joined her in ecstasy, releasing his seed deep within her.

Syndra-Kai wound her legs around him and held him tightly to her as he collapsed atop her, the sweat from their efforts mingling between them. Malik succumbed to sleep, and Syndra-Kai lay awake, holding him as she marveled at her transformation.
She was even more certain that she must free Malik-Tor from his duty as her Companion; she would not have him maimed after giving her such pleasure. Beyond that, she was even more certain that she needed his help even more, and a tear slipped from her eye as she contemplated what he would only see as her betrayal.

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